What do you do during the off season?

Many people ask me each year: What do you do now that the season is over? That’s a loaded question.

As soon as the season is over on the field, we go to work planning for the next year. Some of it is revisiting our theme and promotional ideas, some is coordinating with Coach Hollod on the roster and some is working with our corporate partners to build the most entertaining season yet. Don’t forget we also have to hire our summer interns design all the marketing materials that you see in the community.

I take a lot of pride in hiring our summer interns from across the country. I feel it gives them the opportunity to learn from others as much as from our staff. Sometimes we have players from the same schools as our interns and it creates a bond over the summer that continues when they return to school. It’s interesting to watch as the interns arrive in town and are nervous and unsure as they begin their experience here. What I hear every year, is that they feel welcomed by everyone they meet at The Swamp. It’s humbling to know what a tremendous family we have built over the tenure of the team.

If you think about it, we really spend nine months planning and three months doing. When we invite fans into our home for 30 games, we want to offer the best experience possible for them. It truly takes every moment we have during the off season to make that happen. The ultimate goal is to provide a family affordable, fun experience for our fans and our partners. There are fans and partners that have been with us for many years and our job is to ensure that every time they enter the ballpark, it’s their favorite place to be.

Now don’t let this fool you. Our baseball season isn’t the only thing happening at The Swamp during the year. We host showcase tournaments, the Fayetteville Walk to End Alzheimer’s, Freedom Christian Academy high school baseball in the spring and, one of my favorites, our annual Trunk or Treat in October.

Every time we open the gates to The Swamp, we are sure that somebody will come in that’s never been here before.
We look forward to them leaving the ballpark excited for the next time they will be back.

Having just completed my 11th season with the SwampDogs, I’ve seen a lot of things change and people come and go. Working hand in hand with the Instigator of Fun Lew Handelsman has helped me grow tremendously and learn how important it is to be involved in the community. In this industry, it’s rare for someone to be with a single team for this long, but I can’t see myself doing this anywhere else. The Fayetteville community has embraced the SwampDogs for 17 years and we are excited to continue to offer family affordable entertainment in the future.

If you happen to be driving by the stadium and wonder if anyone is here, I can assure you, if we aren’t here we are somewhere preparing for the upcoming summer of fun. We encourage you to stop in for a visit. You never know what we have in store for next year so come by and see if you can catch a sneak peek!

Yours in Baseball,

Jeremy Aagard
General Manager