SwampDogs Letter to our Community

To our friends and neighbors,

We have all enjoyed many happy and fun experiences together, allowing us to build new and lasting friendships. It’s times like these where we come to depend on those friendships as we come together to rebuild our community and help those who have suffered losses through this disaster.

The SwampDogs family would like to wish heartfelt gratitude to the emergency service personnel and the utility personnel that put their lives on hold to help the rest of the area. Those men and women who put the safety and well-being above their own deserve a sincere thank you. We understand that there were many sleepless nights, both from those in need and those helping. We are honored to be part of such a tremendous community and humbled to be surrounded by some of the best rescue personnel in the country.

Many shelters were opened to help, not only our residents, but those that were forced to flee their homes along the coast. To protect our own residents and welcome others with open arms, shows that Fayetteville has heart when it comes to the greater good for all.

As we embark on the post Hurricane Matthew rebuilding, please know the SwampDogs are here to help in any way we can. We are beginning our work at The Swamp to ensure our 17th season in this incredible community continues the tradition of family gatherings. There’s truly no better place to be than in Fayetteville and this storm has proven that once again.

Yours in Community,


Lew Handelsman                                        Jeremy Aagard