Ryan Domingue

Position: RHP
Hometown: Kaplan, LA
Bats/Throws:      R/R
School: McPherson
Year: Sophomore

What’s your favorite thing about baseball? It’s the only sport that a team on defense has the ball also it is the only sport where someone player higher than the others (Pitchers on the mind)

If you could travel anywhere where would it be and why? Australia, because I would love to explore the outback.

If you could play for any team at any time, who would it be? Atlanta Braves

What’s your dream job outside of baseball? Being a sports agent

What’s your favorite thing about the SwampDogs? Supporting and family like atmosphere

Describe your host family in 5 words. Sweet, caring, loving, supporting, amazing

Who is your role model and why? My grandfather. He showed me how to live life the best I can.

What is your go to song to sing in the shower? Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus