Roa Wins Amtrak Trip

While the SwampDogs players are continuing their journeys to professional baseball, the Fayetteville SwampDogs, thanks to Amtrak and Beasley Broadcasting, are sending one lucky fan straight to the Major Leagues.

Rebecca Roa is headed to Atlanta on Amtrak to see a pair of Major League Baseball games thanks to Beasley Broadcasting.

“We are so excited.” Roa said. “We are originally from D.C. so we were extra excited to see that the Braves will be playing the Nationals.”

Roa is stationed at Ft. Bragg and Thursday night was not only her first SwampDogs game, but her first baseball game outside of the Major Leagues. Roa brought her son and daughter out to The Swamp for the first time on Thursday as a way of celebrating their time together since they have been living apart while she has been on active duty. Rebecca and her family pointed to the unique fan experience that was fun for them all.

“We loved the fan interaction,”  Roa chuckled. “They are quite the characters. All of the staff was amazing and everyone was super helpful. The kids had stuff to do all night with the bounce house and kids area. And we loved the on-field games in between innings.”

A group of happy baseball fans, the Roas were happy with the outcome of the game. “We were so excited that the SwampDogs won!” She said. “It was a great game and just a great experience.”

Rebecca happens to have the weekend off in August to see the two games in Atlanta and is excited to make her first trip on Amtrak.