Little Leagues Play Ball Around Fayetteville

It is time to play ball around Fayetteville!

Fun-Go made his way around to many Little League opening day ceremonies on Saturday, celebrating baseball season on a gorgeous spring day.

Pictures, parades, and pleasantries filled the nine outstanding ceremonies that Fun-Go reached.

With so many baseball players in the surrounding areas, Fun-Go is excited to share his tips and skills with those who make it out to the ballpark this year. He is even more excited to see the future SwampDogs in action today.

In preparation for the SwampDogs’ 2016 season, Fun-Go practiced throwing out the first pitch, calling strikes, and doing field work as well as goofing off with his typical antics with many members of the community.

The SwampDogs wish all Little Leaguers, as well as all those athletes beginning their seasons this week, a FUN and safe season.

Go SwampDogs!