It’s Not Just Baseball

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The Fayetteville community has a lot of turnover in residents due to our military population so it’s common to run into someone that hasn’t heard of the SwampDogs. When we explain to them who we are and what we do, sometimes the reply is: “I’m not a baseball fan”. My answer to that is always to ask if they like to have fun. I’m sure you can guess what their answer is then.

Our focus has always been on affordable family entertainment but we also have incredible baseball here too! I say all this so you’ll understand where I’m coming from with the rest of this note.

After hearing about the horrific events that occurred in Las Vegas, I thought about how much fun those people were having in an innocent environment with their families. They were out for nothing more than an evening of fun and
laughs and that was all cut short.

In this day and age it seems we all have something to complain about in some aspect of our lives. Then when something as terrifying as this shooting happens you gain some perspective to what’s actually important in life.
Whether you have a large family or a bunch of friends or just a few people that are close to you, you can see that what is important is the time you spend with your loved ones.

I tell fans all the time that our job is to help them make lifelong memories with their loved ones. We hope they will come back and make more memories but if they don’t or aren’t able to join us again, we know they can always cherish their time at The Swamp. It’s the little things like getting so messy in the pie eating contest that you won’t let your child in the car with that shirt on that people take away from so many of our games. It’s a chance to hold hands with your spouse of many years during a fireworks show that washes away all the bad for just a little bit of your day.

I don’t write this to promote what we do, I write this to say cherish the time and memories you have with your loved ones and friends no matter where you are. Let’s focus on the good times we’ve had and the good times yet to come and be there for those who are suffering and remind them that the sun will shine again tomorrow and better times are on the horizon.

Please join us as we send our thoughts and prayers to those in Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Florida, Houston and to anywhere else in the world that positive thoughts are needed. Although we use a baseball stadium to spread joy to families, there are many other ways to put a smile on someone’s face.

With hope that we are stronger today than we were yesterday,

Jeremy Aagard