Host Family BBQ Welcomes SwampDogs

Saturday afternoon cooled off just enough for a great evening as the 2016 SwampDogs began arriving into Fayetteville in quest of the Petitt Cup.

As is SwampDogs tradition, the players, coaches, and front office all gathered with the 2016 host families to celebrate the upcoming season and get to know one another.

The Host Family BBQ is an annual tradition to allow families who open their homes to the collegiate baseball players every summer  to get to know the other families and players who contribute to the success of the SwampDogs organization.

Host families are an integral part of the success of the SwampDogs organization as they open their homes and welcome young men into their families every summer. The BBQ is one of many exclusive opportunities afforded to host families. Another benefit of hosting a SwampDog is receiving box seat season tickets for immediate family.

If you are interested in becoming a host family, call the SwampDogs’ front office at (910) 426-5900.